MapleStory 2 [KR] New Update Brings Fishing and Musical Concert Features

Recently, the South Korean server of MapleStory 2 received the 3rd of 5 parts of its annual winter update. In this new patch, 2 social features were added, which are fishing and music composing.

The fishing function in MapleStory 2 is quite simple. There are different types of fishing rods as well as different sizes of the same fish. Besides there are also fish themed fashion costumes.

Meanwhile, the music composing and concert function is pretty awesome. Players can now compose their own music and perform to the others. Currently there are only 2 musical instruments, which are piano and guitar. Players can perform solo or in a group of 4. To encourage players to use this function, there are also some bonus perks like costumes.

What’s more, a new end-game PVE island has also been released in this update, bringing 3 new open-world bosses, a new set of end-game weapons, as well as new dungeons for solo players, along with 4-players and 10-players to challenge.